Our Vision

Human society is facing an environmental and energy crisis. Many efforts have been made to fight it and one in particular is the transition from fossil fuels to electricity in personal vehicles. Battery electrical vehicles (BEVs) on the market right now have already outperformed many of the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. However, the range, i.e., how far the vehicle can run on a single change, is the greatest downside of BVEs. Among all the strategies to improve the range, cutting the weight of vehicles is proven to be an effective way.

Owing to its excellent mechanical properties (i.e. hardness, stiffness, and impact strength), anti-corrosion, and good heat resistance, while maintaining light weight and low manufacturing cost, fPDCPD is an ideal replacement of traditional materials (metals) used to produce the body panels and other components in vehicles. This novel material has great potential to change the BVE market by cutting the weight and extending the range significantly.

fPDCPD, a thermoset polymer, can in principle be processed through reaction injection molding (RIM) technique at an industrial large scale. Poly V Technology has been working on scaling up and commercialization of this high-performance material. At the moment, the development of fPDCPD has approached a new stage where commercial applications can be envisioned.