Meet Our Team

Dr. Tong Li, CEO

Dr. Tong Li obtained her MSc, in Polymer Engineering from University of Akron and Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Victoria. She is the co-inventor of our patented material, an expert in polymer synthesis and material engineering and co-editor of MDPI journal. Dr. Li has participated in designing 3D printed Polyethertimide (Ultem) Reaction Injection Mold in the Oak Ridge National Lab, and supervised hydrophobicity performance test of Silicone and EPSM Rubbers used outdoor insulators shed for ASAsoft (Canada) Inc.

Dr. Lu Han, CTO

Dr. Lu Han is a senior scientist with over 10 years of experience in polymer synthesis, purification, characterization, polymer composites, novel material design, 3D printing, ceramic material, nanoparticles, polymer films, high performance materials, manufacture process. She co-authored a multitude of publications in the field of material and possesses plenty of industrial experience by acting as a technical lead and commercial products development.

Dr. Tianyu Li, CSO

Dr. Tianyu Li is an electrochemist with strong materials science and engineering background, working as postdoc fellow and lab manager in dept. of Mechanical and Engineering at University of Toronto. He developed a testing protocol for NMC 811 Lithium-Ion Batteries using cycle-resolved EIS, and designed a reagentless paper-based electrochemical biosensor for COVID-19 diagnosis.

Yimeng Cao, CFO

Yimeng Cao obtained MSc. in Chemistry from University of Victoria and has been working as an analytical chemist in an industry leader. She has expertise in various characterization and testing methods of novel materials, and gained vast experience of interacting with clients.


Anthon Shamapto Guha